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June 03, 2006



The blankets look beautiful already. And all those lovelies look like they were meant to be together, dontcha think? Amazing that, really. Considering they were all knit by different people not really knowing what everyone else was up to. Really, an awesome sight ;0)And what about all those sewers? Aren't knitters great?

Amazing, just amazing how they're coming together. Hooray for the knitters!!

I don't see the pink blanket pictures ... Blogger must be testy today. I have trouble from my home computer as well. Can't wait to see the finished blankets!Will we see you in the picture giving them to Grace & Simone?? I'm talking to you, Cindy, LOL.

It makes me so happy to see these blankets. I hope you received my square! Can you update us on the kids too? OR do you do that somewhere else?

There are some truly fantabulous squares there! Wow! What an amazing response to this project!


Hey Girlfriend,When is the next sewing party?


The blankets look fabulous. Way to go knitters!! Keep those squares coming. THANKS to the hard-working ladies for sewing them up. Like Dawn said, when's the next party?

Oh, those blankets are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!


YAY, I saw some of my squares!Hooray! I wish I could be there to help you sew. If you ever have need of sew-persons and you're tapped out in Canada, you could send those squares to me!

My square was sent with Katrina's package. I will send more soon. I plan to earn more stars by my name. Being a beginner, hearing about your cause has really given me a chance to practice knitting and casting on and off. I recently received approx. 50 different colors of yarn as a gift, along with 20 or so different size crochet hooks, craft books galore, hundreds of needles and spools of thread, complete with two identical sewing macines (one for parts, just-in-case). My ultimate goal is to practice and learn until I can use these sentamental gifts to contibute to your much needed kind gesture. And perhaps one day I'll be confident enough in my handiwork to do the same and start another from scratch. Thank you for your inspiration and keep a look out for my 7 in 7 package. You'll be seeing a lot more from me.

Super cool!!I love this - the blankets look incredible.Beatiful work ladies.Thank you all for sewing these treasures together - I am sure they will be dearly loved.


The squares look amazing!Just wondering whether you got mine yet... and the little gift too...Take care xxx

Superb work there are some great things here, on a bigger scale my friend knitted a complete cover set for aluminium garden furniture set, it was great warm and comfy, she put a lot of work into it and the design but I was bowled over with what she had done.

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